Building Africa's Future
Is your business ready to leap into the future with WEB3 technology? Securely transition with KOY 2.0: An enterprise grade permissioned ​distributed ledger network
The KOY 2.0 difference
An access controlled blockchain designed for business applications.
We offer the benefit of enhanced security ​and privacy. We maintain the ​integrity and confidentiality of sensitive data by only allowing authorised participants to access and validate transactions.
Benefits for businesses
Access Control and Identity Management: Only authorised members can access and ​operate the network.
Data Encryption and Privacy: Safeguards sensitive information against cyber threats.
Immutable & Auditable: Tamper-resistant record-keeping guarantees the integrity of transactions.
Reduced Transaction Costs: Eliminate intermediaries for more direct and cost-​effective transactions.
Faster Transaction Processing: Real-time settlement enables businesses to respond ​swiftly to market needs.
Fortified Partnerships: Providing a trusted and secure environment for interactions.
Interoperability with Existing Systems: Seamless integration with legacy systems & ​dApps.
A gateway to robust security, enhanced efficiency, ​and seamless collaboration for businesses
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The KOY 2.0 dream
Decentralization as a ​Service (DaaS)
An accelerated and cost-​efficient entry point into Web3. This portal is a resource hub for developers, offering a range of WEB3 tools, templates, and pre-built components to streamline the application development process.
Innovation in Emerging ​Markets
With a focus on Africa's ​future, one of the world's ​fastest-growing regions.
Catering to Lucrative ​Industries
Mobile Financial Services ​(MFS), IoT, energy, telecommunications, ​transportation,
​automotive, and travel.
Tokenomics for Value Creation
KOYNs (KOY Network tokens), lie at the heart of our platform's ecosystem. With clear tokenomics and a robust ecosystem, investing in KOYNs offers a compelling opportunity for ROI.
Business Applications
Strengthened security, improved
​productivity, and effortless cooperation
​for enterprises.
  • Mobile Financial Services (MFS)
  • Digital identification of individuals and devices
  • IoTT deployment of sensors, and other digital data
    acquisition nodes
  • Low/No Code developers portal
Staking Rewards
Earn passive income by participating in the platform's ecosystem. Stake KOYN tokens, to not only contribute to the security and stability of the network but ​also receive rewards from a pool of 350 million KOYN tokens allocated for ​staking.
Currently, this staking rewards pool offers a generous 20% APY (annual ​percentage yield).

Everything you need

KOY 2.0 is offering Decentralisation as a Service to businesses
​looking for an accelerated, cost efficient engagement with Web3

Robust security, enhanced ​efficiency, and seamless ​collaboration

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